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Within the scope of its activity, the company provides legal assistance for individual persons, especially in the following areas:

Law of succession

In cases under the law of succession, CK Law Office provides the following legal services:

Debt recovery

The company conducts debt collection proceedings including:

Press law and infringement of personal interest:

What should you know?

Reprivatisation in Poland not until 2012?

It is still unsure when the act on reprivatisation will take effect, although according to Polish ministers' opinions, it has already been drafted. Nevertheless, according to the government, there is still a shortage of funds required to realize the act's provisions, so the owners of seized assets will probably be forced to wait until 2012. We would like to remind you that the act shall guarantee an easier method of claim assertion - at present it is possible only through legal action at court.

Recovery of real estate is not the acquisition

Retrieval of property rights, which is of a restitutional nature, is not identical to acquisition of ownership. The difference significantly affects legal and assets position of former owners. They are authorised to sell their real estate immediately and shall not be subject to income tax charges arising therefrom.

Appeals in the act on reprivatisation

There have been numerous appeals for precipitating the process of implementing the act on reprivatisation, made not only by former owners, but also by local government authorities, the current holders of assets which have been claimed by their former owners. Communal administration offices concerned with this issue are afraid to invest in the assets due to its uncertain status. They are also forced to bear extensive costs of court procedures.

The news concerning the act on citizenship

According to the new project of the legal act on Polish citizenship, it will be possible to reinstate the citizenship to those who lost it or renounced it. In this procedure, the decision will be made by the Minister of Internal Affairs. New institution, however, will not concern people who ''acted to the detriment of Poland''.

For ''March emigrants''

According to the decision of Supreme Administrative Court, the act of Polish Council of State no. 5/58 did not constitute a permission to change Polish resulting in the loss of Polish citizenship , referred to in art. 13 of the act of February 12, 1962 on Polish citizenship towards persons who submitted applications for the change of Polish citizenship after the act was passed.